Still Have Storm Damage from Last Summer? The Time to Repair is Now!

It has reached that point in the year where time is running short to complete repairs from last summer’s storm damage. Before you panic that you may not meet the deadline for your insurance claim, there are a few important factors to consider.

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Fall is the Perfect Time to Check Your Gutters

Fall is the perfect time to perform many of the maintenance operations outside your home that will help see it through the long winter intact. While items such as closing down a pool, doing fall landscaping to protect foliage and securing outdoor equipment might rise to the top of the to-do list, there is one thing that you should add to that list that often gets overlooked -- your gutters. Checking your gutters now can save you time, energy and money during the long and cold winter months.

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How to Choose the Right Insulation for Your New Home

Building a new house is an exciting endeavor. If you are lucky, you get to customize aspects of your home. A custom-built home gives you a great opportunity to ensure your home is efficient starting with your walls. Before the builder encloses your walls, you should choose insulation that will help you conserve energy so that you can reduce your monthly expenses.

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3 Reasons Replacement Windows Aren't a DIY Project

As a homeowner, you look for ways to save money on home improvement projects. If you are like many homeowners, cost savings seems to trump quality, which isn’t a rational way of thinking. In fact, in recent years, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have become mainstream because homeowners perceive they save money by doing home improvement projects themselves. Some homeowners have tried to DIY replacement windows, with no experience in home improvement. On the surface, it may seem like replacement windows are cost-effective, but DIY projects can cost you extra money and countless hours.

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3 Signs Your Siding Needs Replacing

Millions of homeowners choose siding as their go-to fascia for their home. It’s obvious why so many homeowners put their faith in siding. Vinyl siding lasts long; it’s easy to maintain; it’s cost-effective. Although it has many benefits, siding isn’t completely maintenance-free. There are times when your siding needs replacing. Keep reading to see what telltale signs indicate you need new vinyl siding.

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How Efficient Is Your Home?

On a daily basis, you likely think more about how nice your home looks and how much you enjoy the layout and floor plan of it. Then when the power bill comes each month, you wonder about your home’s efficiency. Of course you can’t install a full solar system for a reasonable price nor can you feasibly switch to a woodstove for heat and no air conditioning in the summer. There are, however, a few common sense upgrades you can make to your house which really aren’t very expensive in the overall scheme of home ownership and will pay for themselves in value should you ever decide to sell.

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Gutter Care 101: Maintaining and Fixing Your Gutters

Your gutters might’ve been designed to take a beating, but they might be overlooked. A solid gutter system efficiently protects a household’s other structures, prevents water damage and reduces rooftop grime accumulation. That said, a poorly maintained gutter system will eventually fail—draining unwanted water, sludge and even trash into a house’s soil foundation. It’s important to know how to maintain your gutter system, and it’s important to follow the rules below to ensure optimum performance.

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4 Window Trends That Will Transform Your Home

Although many people may not think about it, windows are great design elements. The right choice of windows can completely transform a home.

If you are in the market for new windows, then you’ve noticed that there are a lot of options. Before you hire a professional to replace your windows, consider the latest in window trends.

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Replacement Windows: What's the Most Important Considerations?

Your windows, much like other structural elements of your home, are important to the function of your home. Of course, windows enhance your home by improving its curb appeal, but they also do more than look good in your home. Windows help keep severe weather out, and they help keep the cool air in so it’s important to choose that right window when you replace your windows.

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Winter is Over, Insulation Is Not

Now that winter is over it’s hard to remember winter is coming again in a few months. Most people don’t think about the benefits of adding proper insulation to their home as they cool the air outside as much as when they try to stay warm during the winter, but a lack of insulation is going to nag at you throughout the year. Rather than putting it off, a quick discussion with a contractor who specializes in insulation can add to your indoor comfort throughout the year while lowering your power bill.

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