You’ve probably never given a second thought to whether or not your home is properly insulated, and you would be the same as every other homeowner. Whether the house is cold in winter, hot in summer, or has higher power bills than you would expect for a home the size of yours, nobody thinks to themselves that perhaps their house isn’t insulated well. Often though, that’s how simple the issue is. Not that adding or replacing insulation is a simple job, but the concept is simple comparative to other problems that express themselves with the same symptoms. There are several ways to address the issue and fix a house that doesn’t have enough insulation.


Adding insulation in the attic is perhaps the easiest way to better insulate your home. Just as heat and cold rise and fall according to gravity and the physics of hot and cool air, gravity takes a toll on the insulation in your attic over time. As the air moves, the insulation moves and becomes compromised over time. As far as insulation goes, it’s relatively simple for a professional contractor to go into your attic to add insulation and make your home more efficient.


Walls are more difficult than attics to add insulation, as they require demolition and rebuilding to bring older insulation up to current code standards. The good news is, walls are seldom the cause of major problems with insulation. Adding insulation in the walls will never hurt your home’s power bills, but again, because warm and cool air rise and fall rather than moving sideways, improper wall insulation is rarely a problem assuming there isn’t a hole in your house.

Insulated Siding

The good news is that if you really do have a problem with the insulation in your walls, there is an easier solution than to tear out drywall and add insulation. Insulated siding pre-fabricated in a factory is available for the outside of your home. Not only will such siding provide better insulation for your home, it also gives you an opportunity to make the outside of your house look new again and change the color and overall appearance according to your preference. You may as well face the simple concept that if your home is old enough to require new insulation, it can probably use an exterior face-lift as well, so new siding can solve both issues with one fairly simple job.