Now that winter is over it’s hard to remember winter is coming again in a few months. Most people don’t think about the benefits of adding proper insulation to their home as they cool the air outside as much as when they try to stay warm during the winter, but a lack of insulation is going to nag at you throughout the year. Rather than putting it off, a quick discussion with a contractor who specializes in insulation can add to your indoor comfort throughout the year while lowering your power bill.

Lower Air Conditioning Bills

The first benefit you’ll see with additional insulation is a lower power bill than you ever imagined possible. Until you make the upgrade to modern standards of insulation you’ll never understand just how important insulation is to your home. Your first power bill after having the new insulation installed will convince you of what everyone has been trying to tell you about how insulation is a short term investment that continues to pay for itself, every month, for as long as you plan to live in your current home.

Extended Benefits

Additional insulation will show immediate benefits over the summer as you pay lower power bills to cool your home, but you’ll see additional benefits next winter as it costs less to keep your house comfortably warm. Whether you rely solely on a heat pump, gas, or oil, or a combination along with a wood burning fireplace, you’ll find it takes much less energy to heat a properly insulated home than one without insulation, which is the same as trying to heat the house with all the doors and windows open.


Although the expense of your energy bill is the first consideration of insulation, your comfort is what you notice on a daily basis. In spite of what the thermostat tells you the indoor temperature is, you’ll notice an immediate temperature change when the air conditioning or heater turns off if your home isn’t properly insulated.

Insulation is likely the last home improvement project you’ve considered hiring a roofing contractor to perform. On the other hand, you should think about the possibility and necessity of the project. It will give you the fastest return on investment as you’ll immediately see reduced power bills and have additional equity in the home if you decide to sell.