Whether you’ve recently bought a home and are making it meet your standards or are upgrading an existing house, new windows and doors can be a great place to start. Windows and doors are important to the function of your home as to keeping power bills low and heat inside, and they also are first seen by guests and neighbors who pass by your home. New windows and doors can help improve the value of your home should you decide to sell and also make the house more livable for you and your family.

Replacing Windows: Cosmetic and Structural Reasons

Windows need to be replaced when they have gone past their usable life. If you’re finding frost or condensation inside your windows, they’re allowing moisture and cold air to come inside your home. If they don’t open and close smoothly, you’re going to be less likely to use them as they were intended to allow nice weather inside while closing them on a rainy day.


Another aspect of your windows is their appearance. Windows can be painted and in some cases repaired, but like anything else they eventually reach a point of decay beyond what was ever intended for their intended use. Even if you aren’t seeing immediate problems with your windows, there is likely an underlying problem if the window is simply ugly and the problem is solved with a relatively inexpensive window replacement.

New Doors

Much the same as windows, doors can reach the end of their useful life. After swelling and shrinking with the weather over the years, having hardware replacements and other small repairs, they eventually get to the point at which they no longer function properly. Doors should remain where you place them, open, shut, or anywhere in between, without swinging or straying from their position. Further, they should not allow a draft to breeze through and you shouldn’t need to place a towel on the floor to seal the bottom of the door from winter weather.


A different aspect of doors is how they affect the façade of your home. A good door provides a sense of security against intrusion while also making guests feel welcome. A solid door which functions properly will provide both of those purposes.


If you aren’t happy with the function or appearance of your windows and doors, talk to a contractor. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to upgrade your home with new doors and windows to make it more economical, secure and attractive.