While you probably do not regularly spend a great deal of time thinking about the insulation that is installed in your home, you might find yourself wondering about it more regularly as winter settles in firmly. This is because the colder air often makes itself more noticeable when it comes to your home. It can show you signs that your insulation might not be adequate for the job you entrusted it with. Below, you will find the top signs that you need to bump up the level of insulation that is in your home.


1. Your Utility Bill Creeps Up

Since you live in Minnesota, you know that your utility bill is going to increase during the winter months. A sharp increase from past years, for example, or a slow increase year-over-year demands that you do a bit of sleuthing to find out how you can reduce the amount of energy that you use. One of the best and most cost-effective methods of doing so is to have more insulation installed in key areas of your home. One of the best things about installing additional insulation is that you will see a return on your investment almost immediately in the form of lower energy bills. 

2. Ice Dams and Icicles

Though icicles are pretty to look at during the winter months, their presence indicates that a far more sinister issue is at play within your home. Ice dams and icicles are formed when hot air escapes through your home's attic and heats up the roof. As the snow melts from the roof, it runs down toward your gutters where it meets snow and ice that are still there. Because the lower portions of your roof are colder, the moisture refreezes on top of any existing snow. 

3. Drafts Around Windows and Doors

While it is true that all houses settle as they age, this occurrence should not necessarily mean that there are gaps in between your windows and their frames. If this happens, you need to have them insulated properly to avoid having the heat escape from these cracks. You also might notice that your floor is cold as well. This, too, indicates a lack of adequate insulation. 


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