Investment homes are different than personal houses. As you flip a house, it becomes a personal home for another family and needs to be treated as such. You have to recognize you’re providing a valuable service by providing homes in the community. At the same time, you need to know how to make the most of your investment. There is a balance in which you provide a service and are adequately paid a return so you can continue to provide the service and make the community better.


Siding, Windows, and Value of Curb Appeal

The quickest and easiest way to make a home desirable and attract the type of homeowners who will benefit the neighborhood is to give the house a facelift. It’s not a large expense toward the overall budget to apply new siding to a home. Likewise, new windows are relatively inexpensive but increase the value of a house exponentially. Additional to the value siding and windows add to the home, they give it a new street view which will help it sell faster, a common goal for investment properties which is attained through curb appeal.


Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is a no-brainer as inspectors are going to review the home before the final sale. When you consider structural integrity your first thought is probably framing and foundation, but you also have to consider what maintains their integrity. Without great siding, windows and roofing, even the best of foundations can’t last long.



Just as the structural aspects of a house involve more than what you perceive on the surface, insulation is more than the fiberglass padding installed inside the walls. Windows and doors are where the outside comes in and the inside goes out. Simply replacing old windows and doors not only removes noticeable drafts but provides proven results toward energy savings on a daily basis. The curb appeal may be essential to draw potential buyers to the house, but a provable statement towards lowering the expenses of keeping the home will finalize the sale.


When you flip a house it’s assumed you’re going to put a lot of work into it. You’ll likely employ a number of people to help the project move along. Let a specialist in the trade of windows and siding help your project move forward quickly and produce the highest return on investment you can possibly achieve.